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May 11, 2021 – 7:19 am

10 easy walks over 10 glorious days;one hour per day;sensible shoes;check the weather forecast;all are welcome, invite a friend?good exercise – fresh air;friendship and encouragement;praying for our community!
Meeting points, dates and times below. BE CAREFUL: …

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Eucharist – 9th Sunday after Trinity – 9th August

Submitted by on August 9, 2020 – 7:14 am

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Just take a look at this magnificent picture which recalls for us the story of Jesus stilling the storm in today’s Gospel reading from St Matthew. We hear how Jesus calls Peter to walk to him across the water and how Peter trustfully and enthusiastically sets out. He steps out of the boat and walks on the water!!! But then he feels the breeze on his face and the chill of the water beneath his feet and immediately begins to sink. It’s a brilliant story.
But Matthew wrote it down in this way specially for the members of his local church. They were having a tough time trying to work out how their new found faith in Jesus fitted in with their Jewish way of life. Many were puzzled, some had dropped away from their faith and others even doubted Jesus. And that’s why Matthew wrote this story down for them.
Those first Christians in Matthew’s church would have recognised that the boat represented their church and the dark night and the rough waves would have been seen as the storm which their church was currently undergoing. They see Peter doubting the Lord Jesus – just like some of them were doing.
But then there comes a powerful lesson for them and for us: even when Peter and the disciples start to panic – even when faith falters, Jesus comes to save them. And so for us – even when we panic and faith falters, even though Jesus is with the Heavenly Father, he will come to save us. This is the promise for all who believe and trust in him… as we said we did at our Baptism and Confirmation.
This is at the heart of the Gospel (the Good News) Story of the Christian faith. We may not be asked by Jesus to walk on water but every single one of us will have had a sinking feeling at some time in this period of lockdown. And in those moments the promise holds true. ‘The Lord is here – His Spirit is with us’ to save us and to bring us peace, to join us together ever more closely as his church and to bind us with bonds of love to the Heavenly Father for whom not even a single sparrow falls to the earth without his knowledge.
The Peace of the Lord be with you all,